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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Multiple Biopsies In Bladder Urothelial Carcinomas. Correlation Of Atypical Lesions With Histological Grade, Clinical Staging And Number Of Tumors.
Author: Escanhoela C.A.
Cara A.M.
Pedrini H.
Azal Junior W.
Billis A.
Abstract: Twenty-eight cases of transitional cell carcinomas, (19 papillary cell carcinomas, 9 nonpapillary invasive carcinomas) with concomitant mucosal biopsies are reported. Multiple biopsies were obtained cystoscopically at diagnosis (during resection or biopsy of the main tumor) or afterwards, during post-operative evaluation. Fifteen patients (53.6%) were positive for dysplasia, carcinoma "in situ" or micro-invasive carcinoma in the biopsies. These lesions were correlated with the primary neoplasm in regard to: 1) histological grade. Atypical lesions were more frequent the higher the grade (0.01 < p < 0.05); 2) clinical staging. The possibility of finding atypical lesions was higher in cases with more advanced staging (0.01 < p < 0.05) and 3) presence of one or more tumors visible cystoscopically. The results were not statistically significant (0.10 < p < 0.50) but there was a trend toward a higher incidence of atypical lesions among patients with more than one tumor at cystoscopy. Performance of multiple mucosal biopsies is the only means of diagnosing for atypical lesions of the bladder because, due to their plane configuration, they are not detected cystoscopically. The presence of these lesions is very important because they influence the prognosis and the therapeutic measures.
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Date Issue: 1992
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