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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Early Seedling Growth In Normal And Opaque-2 Zea Mays L. Cv. Maya: I. Composition And Mobilization Of The Endosperm Protein Reserve
Author: Metivier J.
Monteiro A.M.
Abstract: Grain of op-2 Maya have a higher total protein content in both endosperm and germ than normal maize. In large grain, differences in total grain protein are due mainly to the endosperm while in small grain, differences are due to the germ, particularly the scutellum which is larger in op-2 kernels. Reserve protein composition was distinct: Op-2 endosperms showed an increase in the proportions of albumins, globulins, and the glutelin G3 fraction which was accompanied by a marked decrease in zein content in comparison with normal endosperms.During endosperm depletion there was a net increase in the salt-soluble fraction prior to day 3 from imbibition; glutelins and zein however decreased throughout, the former being degraded at initially faster rates. In general, regardless of protein composition, the most abundant fraction was utilized most rapidly.Water uptake during imbibition was greater in op-2 grain, though no differences in axis growth in terms of dry weight or lamina area were apparent at the end of reserve degradation. In both normal and op-2 seedlings, protein was mobilized both earlier and faster than endosperm dry matter and the shoot, principally the first leaf lamina, received more reserve nitrogen than the root. © 1981 Oxford University Press.
Rights: fechado
Identifier DOI: 10.1093/jxb/32.6.1321
Date Issue: 1981
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