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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Interspecific Hybridization In Mechanitis Butterflies ( Ithomiinae): A Novel Pathway For The Breakdown Of Isolating Mechanisms.
Author: Vasconcellos-Neto J.
Brown Jr K.S.
Abstract: A novel pathway is proposed to explain the occasional breakdown of prezygotic (chemical-courtship) isolating mechanisms in mimetic ithomiine butterflies (Mechanitis polymnia and M. lysimnia). In dense dry-season populations, mixed groups of males have been observed to court a single female. She becomes receptive through recognition of the pheromone produced by the conspecific majority males, but may be mated by a transpecific minority male in the courting group, leading to accidental interspecific hybridization. All 5 interspecific matings observed in Sumare, Sao Paulo, Brazil, were between a female of the more-abundant species, M. polymnia casabranca, and a male of the less abundant M. lysimnia lysimnia. The F1 hybrid can probably backcross to both parental types, as many recombinant phenotypes are represented in the 48 presumed hybrids known from 6 localities, among >36 500 parental types sampled or marked during 7 yr. The small interspecfic introgression may occasionally be important in the evolution of these mimetic butterflies. -Authors
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Date Issue: 1982
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