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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: The Participation Of Nadp, The Transmembrane Potential And The Energy-linked Nad(p) Transhydrogenase In The Process Of Ca2+ Efflux From Rat Liver Mitochondria
Author: Vercesi A.E.
Abstract: The pyridine nucleotide specificity, the participation of Δψ, and the energy-linked transhydrogenase in the process of Ca2+ efflux stimulated by the oxidized state of NAD(P) were examined in rat liver mitochondria energized by ascorbate + TMPD. The following observations were made: (i) The Ca2+ efflux rate is independent of the redox state of mitochondrial NAD, but is at a minimum when mitochondrial NADP is in the reduced state and accelerated several-fold when it is in the oxidized state, (ii) When the redox state of NADP is shifted to a more oxidized state, the steady-state level of Ca2+ in the medium increased and Δψ decreased in proportion to the mitochondrial NADP+ level, (iii) The activity of the energy-linked NAD(P) transhydrogenase seems to be a key element in determining the redox state of NADP and thus of Ca2+ retention and efflux from mitochondria. © 1987.
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Identifier DOI: 10.1016/0003-9861(87)90021-X
Date Issue: 1987
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