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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Emission Of Gaas Alxga1-xas Asymmetric Modulation-doped Multiple Quantum Wells Under Different Excitation Conditions By Kr+ And Ar+ Lasers
Author: Ameneses E.
Plentz F.
Mendonca C.A.C.
Abstract: We have studied the photoluminescence of a GaAs AlxGa1-xAs asymmetric modulation doped multiple quantum well (AMDQW) structure. The spectra show an emission line at 1.526ev, when the sample is excited by Kr+ laser, which corresponds to a transition in the wells. Under similar excitation conditions by Ar+ laser two lines, coming from the wells, have been observed at 1.521ev and 1.545ev. In both cases these lines shift toward higher energies as the excitation intensity increases. From our results we conclude the lines at 1.521ev(1.526ev) and 1.545ev correspond to transitions due to recombination of the bidimensional electron gas (2DEG) confined in two different conduction sub-bands and that the mentioned shift represents a decrease in the 2DEG density. © 1989.
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Identifier DOI: 10.1016/0749-6036(89)90061-X
Date Issue: 1989
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