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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Computer Analysis Of Stained Chromatin On Malpighian Tubes Of Triatoma Infestans Klug (hemiptera, Reduviidae
Author: Mello M.L.S.
Abstract: Automatic scanning cytophotometry and subsequent objectivization and digitalization of nuclear images were performed on nymphal Malpighian tubes of Triatoma infestans KLUG subjected to Feulgen reaction. Total nuclear and chromocenter Feulgen-DNA content was proved to be in accordance with data obtained with the multiple plug cytophotometry. Total nuclear Feulgen-DNA values also agree with data from two-wavelength cytophotometry. Some mathematic properties of the nuclear images were discriminated as follows: 1. The level to which condensed chromatin areas shift from the center of the nuclear image (AD2), 2. relative circumference of the condensed chromatin areas (CR), 3. relative intensity of condensed chromatin staining with respect to total nuclear staining intensity (AER). It was mathematically demonstrated that the chromocenters can change their location within nuclei during the last nymphal stage. The 5th instar nuclei with several chromocenters can be recognized as displaying heterochromatic areas coming farther from the center of the nuclear image and mostly departing from a circumference morphology condition than do nuclei with a single heterochromatic body. On the other hand, the 4th and 5th instar nuclei with only one chromocenter were shown to exhibit the largest staining intensity ratio. The change in values of the analyzed descriptors is probably associated with cell specialized functions which differ, when comparing proximal and distal zones of the Malpighian tubes.
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Date Issue: 1978
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