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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Postural Control Parameters In Elderly Female Fallers And Non-fallers Diagnosed Or Not With Knee Osteoarthritis
Author: Petrella M.
Neves T.M.
Reis J.G.
Gomes M.M.
Oliveira R.D.R.
Abreu D.C.C.
Abstract: Objectives: To compare stabilometric parameters of elderly female fallers and non-fallers associated or not with knee osteoarthritis (OA). Methods: Fifty-six elderly female fallers and non-fallers diagnosed or not with unilateral or bilateral knee OA were divided into the following groups: FOA (n = 10), elderly female fallers with knee OA; FNOA (n = 11), elderly female fallers without knee OA; NFOA (n = 14), elderly female non-fallers with knee OA; and NFNOA (n = 21), elderly female non-fallers without knee OA. For analyzing semi-static balance on a force platform with the elderly females standing, the following parameters were assessed in four conditions: center of pressure (COP), anterior-posterior and mediolateral displacements (APD and MLD, respectively); and COP anterior-posterior and mediolateral displacement velocities (APV and MLV, respectively). The following conditions were assessed: 1) standing on a firm wooden surface with eyes open (WSEO); 2) standing on a firm wooden surface with eyes closed (WSEC); 3) standing on a foam surface with eyes open (FSEO); 4) standing on a foam surface with eyes closed (FSEC). Results: The elderly females with knee OA showed greater APD in all four conditions assessed (P < 0.05), while the elderly female fallers showed greater MLD (P < 0.05). No difference between the groups was observed for APV and MLV (P > 0.05). Conclusions: Knee OA per se increases APD of the COP, while the history of falls, regardless of the presence of knee OA, hinders postural control in the ML direction. © 2012 Elsevier Editora Ltda.
Rights: fechado
Identifier DOI: 10.1590/S0482-50042012000400004
Date Issue: 2012
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