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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Pt L 2-3- Edge X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy Investigation Of Zerovalent [pt(pph 3) 2(h 2-l)] {l = C2h 4, C 60 And C 2(cn) 4} Compounds
Author: Dias G.H.M.
Da Fonseca N.F.
Herbst M.H.
Abstract: X-ray absorption spectra at the Pt L 2-3-edges have been measured for three [Pt(PPh 3) 2(h 2-L)] {L= C 2H 4, C 60 and C 2(CN) 4} compounds. The spectral features are effective for measuring the p*-acid strength of ligands (L) coordinated to the Pt(PPh 3) 2 fragment. The energies of the d φ-orbitals are quantitatively determined using the difference between the edge jumping and the edge maximum shifts of the L 2, 3-white lines in the second derivatives of the spectra. The d p-orbital energies follow the order [Pt(PPh 3) 2(h 2-C 2H 4)] < [Pt(PPh 3) 2(h 2-C 60)] < [Pt(PPh 3) 2{h 2-C 2(CN) 4}]. These d φ-orbital energies are in good agreement with the changes in the bound olefinic carbon bond lengths and the 31P NMR chemical shifts of the coordinated phosphines. Furthermore, the experimental values are in good agreement with available dp-orbital interaction energy terms calculated using density functional theory for model [Pt(PH 3) 2(h 2-L)] compounds. © 2012 Sociedade Brasileira de Química.
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Date Issue: 2012
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