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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: In Vivo Study Of Lyophilized Bioprostheses: 3 Month Follow-up In Young Sheep [estudo In Vivo Do Comportamento De Bioprótese Liofilizada: Seguimento De 3 Meses Em Carneiros Jovens]
Author: Taniguchi F.P.
Maizato M.J.S.
Ambar R.F.
Pitombo R.N.M.
Leiner A.A.
Moreira L.F.P.
Cestari I.A.
Stolf N.A.G.
Abstract: Objective: Glutaraldehyde is currently used in bovine pericardium bioprosthesis to improve mechanical and immunogenic properties. Lyophilization is a process that may decrease aldehyde residues in the glutaraldehyde treated pericardium decreasing cytotoxicity and enhancing resistance to calcification. The aim of this study is to evaluate bioprosthetic heart valves calcification in adolescent sheep and to study the potential of lyophilization as a mechanism to protect calcification. Methods: Two groups were evaluated: a control group in which a bovine pericardium prosthetic valve was implanted in pulmonary position and a lyophilized group in which the bovine pericardium prosthetic valve was lyophilized and further implanted. Sixteen sheeps 6 months old were submitted to the operation procedure. After 3 months the sheeps were euthanized under full anesthesia. Results: Six animals of the control group reached 95.16 ± 3.55 days and six animals in the lyophilized group reached 91.66 ± 0.81 days of postoperative evolution. Two animals had endocarditis. Right ventricle/pulmonary artery (RV/PA) mean gradient, in the control group, at the implantation was 2.04 ± 1.56 mmHg, in the lyophilization group, the RV/PA mean gradient, at the implantation was 6.61 ± 4.03 mmHg. At the explantation it increased to 7.71 ± 3.92 mmHg and 8.24 ± 6.25 mmHg, respectively, in control and lyophilization group. The average calcium content, after 3 months, in the control group was 21.6 ± 39.12 μg Ca+2/mg dry weight, compared with an average content of 41.19 ± 46.85 μg Ca+2/mg dry weight in the lyophilization group (P=0.662). Conclusion: Freeze drying of the bovine pericardium prosthesis in the pulmonary position could not demonstrate calcification mitigation over a 3 month period although decreased inflammatory infiltration over the tissue.
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Identifier DOI: 10.5935/1678-9741.20120101
Date Issue: 2012
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