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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Epr Line Broadening And Magnetic Phase Transitions In Antiferromagnetic Fep3o9
Author: Kie A.
Abstract: The EPR linewidths of polycrystalline samples of antiferromagnetic ferric metaphosphate (FeP3O9) has been measured in the range 0.01≤T-TN<100K(TN=9.3K). The widths were fitted to a power-law form (T-TN)γ. In the reduced-temperature range 0.03<ε<0.7[ε(T-TN)TN], the best fit gives γ≅-0.67. For ε<0.02, the change in linewidth is very slight. At high temperatures such that ε>1, far above the critical regime, we obtained γ≅-1.65. These results are quite similar to some recent results of Birgeneau on NiCl2. Spin-flip transitions have been observed from individual crystallites in the polycrystalline samples at 4.2 and 1.6 K. By cycling the magnetic field and temperature we obtain a signal at 4.2 K which exactly mimics the EPR signals for T>TN(TN=9.3K) with no sign of the spin-flop transitions. This implies a striking hysteresis in the H-T phase diagram. © 1975 The American Physical Society.
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Identifier DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.12.1868
Date Issue: 1975
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