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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Chromosome Numbers In Brazilian Cerrado Plants
Author: Forni-Martins E.R.
Pinto-Maglio C.A.F.
Da Cruz N.
Abstract: Chromosome numbers are presented for 20 Brazilian species of cerrado vegetation, belonging to 12 families: Annonaceae (Xylopia aromatica, 2n = 16), Bombacaceae (Eriotheca gracilipes, 2n = 92; E. pubescens, 2n = ca. 270), Caryocaraceae (Caryocar brasiliense, 2n = 46), Cochlospermaceae (Cochlospermum regium, 2n = 36), Erythroxylaceae (Erythroxylum campestre, 2n = 24), Leguminosae (Acosmium subelegans, 2n = 18; Andira humilis, 2n = 22; Hymenaea stigonocarpa, 2n = 24), Malpighiaceae (Banisteriopsis sp, 2n = 40; Byrsonima coccolobifolia, 2n = 24; B. intermedia, 2n = 24; B. verbascifolia, 2n = 24; Peixotoa sp, 2n = 30), Myrtaceae (Compomanesia pubescens, 2n = 22), Rubiaceae (Alibertia sessilis, 2n = 22), Sapindaceae (magonia pubescens, 2n = 30; Serjania erecta, 2n = 24), Solanaceae (Solanum lycocarpum, 2n = 24) and Styracaceae (Styrax ferrugineus, 2n = 16). The counts are new for 12 species and four genera. Evolutionary trends are discussed for some species, including the hexaploid origin of E. pubescens from E. gracilipes.
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Date Issue: 1995
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