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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Study Of Cardiorespiratory Variables At The Anaerobic Threshold (at) In Trained And Sedentary Subjects
Author: Paschoal M.A.
Chacon-Mikahil M.P.T.
Forti V.A.M.
Golfetti R.
Martins L.E.B.
Gallo J.R.
Abstract: The AT is a parameter which signals the moment of equilibrium loss between the supply and demand of oxygen during the performance of dynamic exercise(DE). This physiological parameter is dependent on to the type of physical training and has been used in the evaluation of aerobic capacity. This study aimed to analyze the cardiorespiratory variables at the moment of the AT. DE tests were applied using a continuous protocoKCP) up to physical exhaustion with direct measurement of the oxygen uptakeCv'Oa ). The studied groups included: 5 sedentary subjects(S); 5 long distance runners(LDR) and; 5 weight lifters(WL). The values (medians) of cardiorespiratory variables determined at the AT were as follows: a) O2 (mI/kg/min.)=18.5(S), 20(WL) and 29.9(LDR)(p<0.05 between LDR and the other groups); bjheart rate (HR-bpm)=120(S),120(WL),120(LDR);c)AHR from rest to the AT=+36(S),+42(WL), and+66(LDR)(p<0.05 between LDR and S); d) power(watts)=50(S),100(WL),100(LDR)(p<0.05 between LDR and S); e) ventilation (l/min)=34.1(S),35.9(WL),40(LDR). These data have shown the occurrence of prominent cardiorespiratory adaptations with increase of aerobic power in LDR group, when compared to the other studied groups (S and WD.Research support: FAEP-UNICAMP& FAPESP.
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Date Issue: 1996
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