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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Cardiorespiratory Responses During Dynamic Exercise Using Different Ergometers In Sedentary
Author: Catai A.M.
Chacon-Mikahil M.P.T.
Martneui P.S.
Forti V.A.M.
Golfetri R.
Martins L.E.B.
Szrajer J.S.
Wanderley J.S.
Gallo Jr L.
Abstract: The peak oxygen uptake (O: peak) and the ventilatory anaerobic threshold (AT) has been used in the evaluation of aerobic capacity. To evaluate the response of these parameters in different ergometers, 15 healthy sedentary young men (f=21 yr) were submitted to three dynamic exercise tests with direct VOz measurement (MMC-Sensormedics): a) in the cicloergometer (Quinton, sitting position), using a continuous protocol with power increments between 12 to 20 Watts/min up to physical exhaustion; b) in treadmill (Quinton) two tests, one with constant slope of 0% (EO) and the other with constant slope of 10% (E10), both with increments of 0.5 km/min up to physical exhaustion. The results (medians) were: 'frOj at rest (ml/kg/min)= 4.5(C), 4.9(EO), 5.1(E10) (p<0.05 between C and EO and between C and E10); Oj peak(ml/kg/min)= 38(C), 46.6(EO), 48.7(E10) (p<0.05 between C and EO and between C and E10); AT (%Oj peak)= 64(C), 52.4(EO), 57.3(E10). These data have shown that 'v'Oz obtained in treadmill at rest and peak are greater than that obtained in cicloergometer. On the other hand, the AT expressed as percentual value of $Ch peak showed differences not statiscally significant. Research support: FAEPUNICAMP, FAPESP & CAPES, e-mail:
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Date Issue: 1996
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