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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Syntheses And Structural Characterisation Of [ir4(co)11(η1-l)] And [ir4(co)10(η1-l)2] {l = [fe(η5-p3c2but 2)(η5-p2c3but 3)] And [fe(η5-c5h5)...
Author: Benvenutti M.H.A.
Hitchcock P.B.
Nixon J.F.
Vargas M.D.
Abstract: Title full: Syntheses and structural characterisation of [Ir4(CO)11(η1-L)] and [Ir4(CO)10(η1-L)2] {L = [Fe(η5-P3C2But 2)(η5-P2C3But 3)] and [Fe(η5-C5H5)(η5-P 3C2But 2)]} and [Ir4(CO)11{μ-η1:η 1-[Fe(η5-C5H5)(η 5. The reactions of NBu4[Ir4(CO)11Br] 1 with equivalent amounts of [Fe(η5-P3C2But 2)(η5-P2C3But 3)] L1 or [Fe(η5-C5H5)(η5-P 3C2But 2)] L2 in the presence of AgSbF6 gave good yields of [Ir4(CO)11(η1-L)] 2a or 2b, besides [Ir4(CO)10(η1-L)2] 3a and 3b, respectively, in which the ligands are bound via the PA atom. The solid-state structure of 2b, established by an X-ray analysis, is that of the Td-like isomer, although the low-temperature 31P-{1H} NMR spectrum showed the presence of both C3v- and Td-like isomers in solution. Compound 2a underwent facile conversion to [Ir4(CO)10(μ-η2-L1)] 4a via CO loss and further interaction of the adjacent PB atom of L1. Compound 2b reacted with 1 in the presence of AgSbF6 to yield [Ir4(CO)11-(μ-η1:η 1-L2)Ir4(CO)11] 5b, in which the second Ir4 cluster was ligated via PC, rather than PB, according to NMR spectroscopy. This compound underwent clean conversion into [Ir4H(CO)10{Fe(η5-C5H 5)[η5-P3C(CMe2CH 2)CBut]}Ir4(CO)11] 6b, via CO loss and oxidative addition of a C-H bond of a tert-butyl substituent in the P3C2But 2 ring. The molecular structure of 6b was determined by a single crystal X-ray diffraction analysis, which showed that C-H activation occurred on the Ir4 cluster bound via PC.
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Date Issue: 1996
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