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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Magnetic And Magnetotransport Properties Of Co Thin Films On Si
Author: Knobel M.
Denardin J.C.
De Carvalho H.B.
Brasil M.J.S.P.
Pakhomov A.B.
Missell F.P.
Abstract: A systematic study of magnetic and magnetotransport properties of thin, Co films on Si is reported in this work. The Co films of thicknesses 30, 160 and 440 Å were prepared by magnetron sputtering from a Co target onto a Si(100) substrate held at room temperature. Resistance, magnetoresistance and Hall effect were measured in the temperature range 5-350 K. Magnetization was measured in the same temperature range using a SQUID magnetometer. Complete surface hysteresis loops were measured from 4 to 300 K by means of the magneto-optical Kerr effect, in order to follow the behavior of the coercivity and magnetic easy axes of the samples. The transport and magnetotransport properties display a peculiar effect as functions of temperature. The films behave as pure metallic Co below 250 K. However, the resistance drops with heating from 250 to 280 K, regaining its typical metallic behavior at temperatures higher than 280 K. The thinner the film, the larger is the resistance drop in the temperature interval 250-280 K, reaching a factor of 4.5 for the 30 Å thick film. The Hall effect contains both ordinary and extraordinary contributions. From ordinary Hall effect measurements, one finds that the conduction is electronic at low temperatures and turns to hole-like above the transition point. Magnetoresistance changes from negative at low T to positive at high temperatures. These facts indicate that the observed effect is related to the metallic layer, which undergoes a conducting channel switching when the temperature is increased.
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Identifier DOI: 10.1002/1521-396X(200109)187:1<177::AID-PSSA177>3.0.CO;2-5
Date Issue: 2001
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