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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Modelling And Simulation Of The Adsorption Of The Lipase From Geotrichum Sp. On Hydrophobic Interaction Columns
Author: Mendieta-Taboada O.
Kamimura E.S.
Maugeri F.
Abstract: The Langmuir model fitted well the adsorption isotherms of lipase on the hydrophobic resin. The model parameters, Qm and kd, were affected by NaCl concentration: Qm increased from 31 to 80 U g-1 resin, and kd changed from 9.4 to 3 U ml-1. Column modelling and the simulation data were compared with the experimental data with good agreement. The highest achieved column efficiency was 71%. Notations: C: lipase concentration in solution (U ml-1); C*: lipase concentration in solution at equilibrium (U ml-1); Co: lipase concentration in the feed (U ml-1); d: resin particle diameter (cm); D: enzyme molecular diffusivity (cm2 min-1); E: axial dispersion coefficient (cm2 min-1); K: global mass transfer coefficient (cm2 min-1); kd: kinetic constant (U ml-1); k1: adsorption kinetic constant (ml U-1 min-1); k2: desorption kinetic constant (min-1); L: bed height (cm); Q: amount of adsorbed lipase in the resin (U ml-1 resin); Q*: amount of adsorbed lipase in the resin at equilibrium (U ml-1 resin); Qm: maximum adsorption capacity of the resin (U ml-1 resin); R: column radius (cm); Rs: rate of lipase adsorption (U ml-1 resin min-1); υ: superficial velocity (cm min-1); t: time; Z: column length (cm); ε: bed porosity. Subscript: i: time, j: position.
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Identifier DOI: 10.1023/A:1010302416897
Date Issue: 2001
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