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Type: Artigo de evento
Title: Monitoring Of Poly(ethylene Oxide) Entanglement
Author: Bednar F.
De Oliveira M.H.
Van De Ven T.G.M.
Paris J.
Abstract: Polyethylene Oxide (PEO) is an effective flocculant in highly contaminated papermaking furnishes and therefore it is commonly used as a retention aid in newsprint manufacture. However, a decrease in PEO fines retention efficiency with shear and time has been reported which can be ascribed to the disentanglement of not well-dispersed PEO. In this work, a sensor for monitoring PEO entanglement has been used, the principle of which is based on the measurement of the pressure drop created when passing a PEO solution through a narrow capillary. It has been found that, for the capillary geometries used, for freshly-dissolved PEO the main contribution to the overall pressure drop is due to the contraction and expansion of PEO entanglements at the entrance and exit of the capillary, and that the friction in the capillary plays a minor role. On the other hand, for well-dissolved PEO, because of the absence of PEO entanglements, loss of pressure is mainly due to friction.
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Date Issue: 2004
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