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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Heat Capacity Studies Of Ce And Rh Site Substitution In The Heavy-fermion Antiferromagnet Cerhin5: Short-range Magnetic Interactions And Non-fermi-liquid Behavior
Author: Light B.E.
Kumar R.S.
Cornelius A.L.
Pagliuso P.G.
Sarrao J.L.
Abstract: In heavy fermion materials superconductivity tends to appear when long-range magnetic order is suppressed by chemical doping or applying pressure. Here we report heat capacity measurements on diluted alloys of the heavy fermion superconductor CeRhIn5. Heat capacity measurements have been performed on CeRh1-yIryIn5 (y≤0.10) and Ce1-xLaxRhIn5 (x≤0.50) in applied fields up to 90 kOe to study the effect of doping and magnetic field on the magnetic ground state. The magnetic phase diagram of CeRh09Ir 0.1Ir5 is consistent with the magnetic structure of CeRhIn5 being unchanged by Ir doping. Doping of Ir in small concentrations is shown to slightly increase the antiferromagnetic transition temperature TN (TN=3.8 K in the undoped sample). La doping which causes disorder on the Ce sublattice is shown to lower T N with no long-range order observed above 0.34 K for Ce 0.50La0.50RhIn5. Measurements on Ce 0.50La0.50RhIn5 show a coexistence of short-range magnetic order and non-Fermi-liquid behavior. This dual nature of the Ce 4f electrons is very similar to the observed results on CeRhIn 5 when long-range magnetic order is suppressed at high pressure.
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Date Issue: 2004
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