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Type: Artigo de evento
Title: Systems Biology: An Information-theoretic-based Thermo-statistical Approach
Author: Mesquita M.V.
Vasconcellos A.R.
Luzzi R.
Mascarenhas S.
Abstract: Systems Biology (system-level understanding in biological science), from the physical-chemical point of view, is involved with irreversible thermodynamics and nonlinear kinetic theory of open systems which are founded on nonequilibrium statistical mechanics. We describe a modern thermo-statistical approach for dealing with complex systems, in particular biological systems. We consider the case of a very peculiar complex behavior in open boson systems sufficiently away, from equilibrium, which appear to have large relevance in the functioning of biological systems. This is, on the one hand, the so-called Fröhlich-Bose-Einstein-like condensation leading in steady-state conditions to the emergence of a particular case of quantum-large-scale coherent ordering, of the type of a selforganizing-synergetic dissipative structure. Moreover, additional complexity emerges in the form of propagation, in this condensate, of signals (information) consisting of nearly undamped and undistorted, long-distance propagating, solitary waves (the pseudoparticle soliton). It can be accompanied by a so-called Fröhlich-Cherenkov cone of emission of polar vibrations, and it is also possible the formation of metastable states of the form of the so-called bioelectrets. These are phenomena apparently working in biological processes, which are presently gaining relevant status on the basis of eventually providing a large-scale quantum-coherent behavior in cytoskeletons of neurons and the conscious (non-computational) activity in the brain. Emphasis is centered on the quantum-mechanical-statistical irreversible thermodynamics of these open systems, and the informational characteristics of the phenomena. Ways for their experimental evidencing are pointed out and discussed.
Citation: Brazilian Journal Of Physics. , v. 34, n. 2 A, p. 459 - 488, 2004.
Rights: fechado
Date Issue: 2004
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