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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: 2.5d Acoustic Finite-difference Modeling In Variable Density Media
Author: Costa J.
Novais A.
Neto F.D.A.S.
Tygel M.
Abstract: Numerical solutions of the acoustic wave equation in media where the physical properties depend only on two of the spatial coordinates, can be obtained by multiple application of 2D finite-difference (FD) schemes. This 2.5D approach presents a smaller computation cost than the solution of the corresponding 3D problem. This work extends previous formulations of numerical 2.5D solutions of the acoustic wave equation with constant density to variable-density media. The acoustic wave equation is formulated as a system of partial differential equations for the wavefields of pressure and particle velocity in isotropic, arbitrarily inhomogeneous media. Absorbing boundary conditions for perfect impedance match are formulated for the 2.5D case. A comparison of the stability conditions for the 2.5D and 3D finite-difference schemes of arbitrary order leads to a maximum-wavenumber condition for the inverse Fourier transform. A discussion of the numerical dispersion and numerical anisotropy relations shows that these effects increase with decreasing wavenumbers in the out-of-plane direction. The quality of the numerical solution is confirmed by a comparison to the analytic solution for a homogeneous medium. As a quality control in inhomogeneous media, a comparison of the 2.5D results to corresponding 3D FD results for the Marmousi model shows good agreement. © 2005 Geophysical Press Ltd.
Rights: fechado
Date Issue: 2005
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