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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Finiteness Conditions On Subgroups Of Profinite P-poincaré Duality Groups
Author: Kochloukova D.H.
Pinto A.G.S.
Abstract: For a prime number p let G be a profinite p-PDn group with a closed normal subgroup N such that G/N is a profinite p-PDm group and that Hi(V,Fp) is finite for every open subgroup V of N and all i ≤ [n/2]. Generalising [12, Thm. 3. 7. 4] we show that m ≤ n and N is a profinite p-PDn - m group. In case that G is a pro-pPDn group of Euler characteristic 0 with a closed normal subgroup N of type FP[n-1 / 2] such that G/N is soluble-by-finite pro-p group of finite rank, we show that N is a pro-pPDn-m group, where m = vcdp(G/N). As a corollary we obtain that a pro-pPD3 group with infinite abelianization is either soluble or contains a free nonprocyclic pro-p subgroup. © Hebrew University Magnes Press 2009.
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Identifier DOI: 10.1007/s11856-009-0096-8
Date Issue: 2009
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