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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Structure Of The Shrub-arboreal Component Of An Atlantic Forest Fragment On A Hillock In The Central Lowland Of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Author: Christo A.G.
Guedes-Bruni R.R.
De Araujo P. Sobrinho F.
Da Silva A.G.
Peixoto A.L.
Abstract: The present study describes and evaluates the horizontal and vertical structures of a lowland forest fragment on a hillock in the municipality of Silva Jardim, Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil (22°31'56"S and 42°20'46"W). Twenty plots (10×2m) totaling 0.5ha were laid out following the slope grade using DBH≥5cm as the inclusion criterion. A total of 734 individuals were encountered, yielding a total density of 1468 ind./ha and a total basal area of 10783m2. The richness values (129 species/41 families), Shannon-Wiener diversity (4.22) and equitability (0.87) indices indicated an accentuated floristic heterogeneity and low ecological dominance. Lauraceae, Myrtaceae, Fabaceae and Euphorbiaceae showed the greatest species richness, corroborating other studies that indicated these species as the most representative of Atlantic Forest areas in southeastern Brazil. The species with the greatest importance values (VI) were Aparisthmium cordatum, Guapira opposita, Lacistema pubescens, Xylopia sericea, Tapirira guianensis and Piptocarpha macropoda. The high diversity observed was influenced by earlier anthropogenic actions and by the current successional stage. The forest fragment studied demonstrated closer floristic similarity to areas inventoried in a close-by biological reserve than to fragments dispersed throughout the coastal plain. Similarities in soil type, degree of soil saturation and use-history of forest resources all support these relationships. The fragmented physiognomy of the central lowland in this region and the use-history of the landscape make these small remnant forest areas important in terms of establishing strategies for landscape restoration and species conservation.
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Date Issue: 2009
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