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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Chronobiologic Acquaintance And Sleep Habits Of Academics Of The Universidade Paranaense [conhecimento Cronobiológico E Hábitos De Sono De Acadêmicos Da Universidade Paranaense]
Author: Seibt L.
Lima V.M.
Pereira K.F.
Bianchi F.J.
Bianchi L.R.D.O.
Abstract: Introduction. Chronobiology studies the biological rhythm of animals, plants and human beings, knowing that in a particular period, the behavioral and physiological functions of the body are changed, occurring variation for responses and stimuli due to external environment. Objective. Identify the chronobiological profile of who attends the fourth year of the Biological Science at Universidade Paranaense. Method. The methodology applied made use of a standard chronobilogical questionnaire, composed by 9 objective questions, and 8 structured questions aiming to identify sleeping habits. Results. From 46 students who were interviewed in the morning shift 28.27 moderately morning, period consistent with its chronotype, and that the most of them, 43.48% have intermediate chronotype, having a greater adaptation to any time that will carry out activities. From the 32 students interviewed in the night shift, 28.13% moderately morning, being at odds with its chronotype, 50% intermediate, able to adapt to any schedule that is performing its activities and 15.63% moderately afternoon meeting in accordance with their biological rhythms. Conclusion. When the students get to know their chronotype, they can adapt better to their studying schedule enabling a better learning and assimilation of the subjects.
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Date Issue: 2009
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