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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Effectiveness Of Cleaning Fresh Market Tomatoes During Post Harvest Handling [eficácia De Limpeza Durante O Beneficiamento Do Tomate De Mesa]
Author: de Magalhaes A.M.
Ferreira M.D.
Moretti C.L.
Abstract: This research evaluated the cleaning process of fresh market tomatoes Débora in relation to the efficiency cleaning and fruit quality. First, the efficiency cleaning was carried, with rubber spheres, changing the types of bristles (nylon, sisal fiber, PET and coconut fiber) as well as the rotation (40, 80, 120 and 160rpm) of rotary brushes. Afterwards, with the best results, the studies were carried out with fresh market tomatoes to evaluate cleaning efficiency and fruit quality measured by weight loss (%), respiratory activity (CO2) and ethylene evolution. In the first case, the nylon and sisal fiber were more efficient at higher rotations. PET bristles at 40rpm rotation were inefficient, presenting a cleaning index (CI) lower than 50%. The nylon brush treatment at 120rpm was the most efficient cleaning process (CI=91%). However, nylon brushes at 160rpm treatment showed the lowest CI (88%). These results were probably associated to the fact that, at higher speeds, fruits tended to jump, causing a poor contact between bristles and fruits. The lowest CI was observed on coconut fiber at 80 and 120rpm treatments. In general, cleaned fruits with nylon and sisal fiber at 120rpm demonstrated higher post-harvest quality alterations when compared to cleaned fruits in these brushes at 160rpm. More bristles flexibility provides better contact fruit/bristles increasing cleaning efficiency, however, it can cause changes on post-harvest fruit quality, but no significant.
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Date Issue: 2009
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