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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Chromosome Numbers In Species Of Acosmium Schott And Leptolobium Vogel (leguminosae, Papilionoideae) [números Cromossômicos Em Espécies De Acosmium Schott E Leptolobium Vogel (leguminosae, Papilionoideae)]
Author: Rodrigues R.S.
Correa A.M.
Forni-Martins E.
Tozzi A.M.G.A.
Abstract: A cytotaxonomic analysis of species of Acosmium Schott e Leptolobium Vogel was carried out, by determining their chromosome numbers. The three species of Acosmium and five species of Leptolobium (representing 50% of the genus) were studied from seeds obtained from different regions of Brazil. Chromosome counts were new for all Acosmium species and for four Leptolobium species. For Acosmium cardenasii, 2n = 18 was constantly observed, while occurring at the same meristem were found 2n = 18, 24 e 32 in A. diffusissimum and 2n = 18 e 32 in A. lentiscifolium. For Leptolobium, all studied species had 2n = 18, confirming a previous count for L. dasycarpum. The results showed that chromosome numbers of Acosmium and Leptolobium species are homogeneous, confirming the basic number x = 9 for both genera. Therefore, chromosome numbers do not provide a useful taxonomic character distinguishing Acosmium from Leptolobium.
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Date Issue: 2009
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