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Type: Artigo de evento
Title: The Relative Variational Model: A Topological View Of Matter And Its Properties: Specific Heat And Enthalpy
Author: Dias M.S.
De Vasconcelos V.
Mattos J.R.L.
Jordao E.
Abstract: Formal definitions of convergence, connectedness and continuity were established to characterize and describe the crystalline solid and its properties as a unified notion in the topological space. The crystalline solid is a previously empty space that has been filled with atoms and phonons, i.e., the crystal is built with packages of matter and energy in a regular and orderly repetitive pattern along three orthogonal dimensions of the space. The spatial occupation of the atom in the crystal structure is determined by its mean vibrational volume. Thus, the changes of volume and the changes of internal energy are intrinsically linked. In fact, physical and material properties are the interdependent and bijective quantifications associated with variations of the internal energy. These properties are modeled by means of an intrinsic and invariable form function: the Relative Variational Model. In this paper, the Debye's integral of the heat capacity at constant volume is analytically solved. The experimental data of the specific heat at constant pressure and the enthalpy variations are also analytically depicted by the model in the temperature range of 0 K up to the melting point. The data reductions were applied to the oxides Al2O3 and UO2.
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Date Issue: 2012
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