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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Oviposition site selection by the bromeliad-dweller harvestman Bourguyia hamata (Arachnida : Opiliones)
Author: OSSES, Francini
MARTINS, Eduardo G.
Abstract: Bourguyia hamata females oviposit almost exclusively inside the rosette formed by the curled leaves of the epiphytic bromeliad Aechmea nudicaulis. We investigated whether the architecture of the individual bromeliads influences oviposition site selection by this harvestman species. We collected data on the presence of clutches inside bromeliads, rosette length, rosette slope in relation to tree trunks, and the amount of debris inside the rosette. Additionally, we measured the water volume inside the rosettes as well as the variation in the humidity inside and outside bromeliads with long and short rosettes. Longer rosettes were preferred as oviposition site possibly because they accumulate more water and maintain lower internal humidity variation than the external environment. Although the slope of the rosettes did not influence the occurrence of oviposition, the probability of debris accumulation inside the rosettes increased with their slope, and the frequency of clutches was greater in bromeliads with small amounts of debris. A field experiment showed that bromeliads with water inside the rosette were more frequently used as oviposition sites than bromeliads without water. In conclusion, females oviposit predominantly in bromeliads that accumulate more water and have small amounts of debris inside the rosettes, probably because these characteristics promote a more adequate microhabitat for egg development.
Subject: animal-plant interaction
habitat selection
maternal care
plant architecture
Country: Japão
Citation: JOURNAL OF ETHOLOGY, v.26, n.2, p.233-241, 2008
Rights: fechado
Identifier DOI: 10.1007/s10164-007-0054-z
Date Issue: 2008
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