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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Effect Of Diferents Methods Of Recovery On The Lactate Removal And Anaerobic Performance In Soccer Players [efeito De Diferentes Méto Dos De Recuperação Sobre A Remoção De Lact Ato E Desempenho Anaeróbio De Futebolistas]
Author: Ferrari H.G.
Oliveira R.
Strapasson M.V.
Santa Cruz R.A.R.
Libardi C.A.
Cavaglieri C.R.
Abstract: Introduction: Soccer is characterized as a sport of high intensity, performed intermittently and with random sequences of periods of effort and recovery; thus, strategies that can somehow minimize muscle fatigue can provide an important competitive advantage. Objective: This study aimed to compare different methods of recovery with the removal of blood lactate (La-) and anaerobic performance of soccer players. Methods: Twenty-three male soccer players between 16 and 17 years were divided into three groups: active recovery (RA), passive recovery (RP) and ice recovery (RG). To assess the aerobic capacity the critical speed was used, and for the induction of hyperlactacidemia and anaerobic performance the RAST test was applied before (T1) and after (T2) the recovery intervals. The measurements of blood La- were made at 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 minutes during the recovery period. The one-way ANOVA was used to compare the variables that characterize the groups. A two-way ANOVA was performed for comparison between the peak and minimum values of blood La- and anaerobic performance at T1 and T2 for the three recovery conditions. Results: There was no significant difference between T1 and T2 for maximum and average power in the studied groups (p>0.05). It was observed greater removal of blood La- (47.62%) for the RA when compared to RG (16.9%; p = 0.001) and RP (18.20%; p = 0.02). Conclusion: RA, RP and RG are effective to maintain the anaerobic performance of soccer players under 17. Active recovery was shown more efficient for removing the blood La- when compared to RP and RG.
Rights: aberto
Identifier DOI: 10.1590/S1517-86922013000600009
Date Issue: 2013
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