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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Relationship Between Peak And Mean Amplitudes Of The Stimulating Output Voltage For Functional Control Of The Knee By Spinal Cord Patients And Healthy Volunteers
Author: Krueger E.
Scheeren E.M.
Nogueira-Neto G.N.
Neves E.B.
Button V.L.S.N.
Nohama P.
Abstract: Introduction: Functional electrical stimulation (FES) may evoke movements in people with movement impairments due to neurological lesion. The mean value of electrical current or voltage during FES depends on the stimulatory profile parameters. To investigate the relationship between peak and mean amplitudes of the stimulator output voltage while causing a knee extension angle change from 90° to 40° to choose the best and safest profile to be applied in people who have suffered a spinal cord injury. Methods: Healthy (N = 10) volunteers and those with spinal cord injuries (N = 10) participated in this study. Each FES profile (P1, P2, P3 and P4) had 1-kHz pulses (100 μs or 200 μs on and 900 μs or 800 μs off) with burst frequencies of 50 Hz (3 ms on and 17 ms off) or 70 Hz (3 ms on and 11 ms off) and peak amplitudes set between 53-125V for healthy volunteers and 68-198 V for volunteers with spinal cord injury. Results: The highest mean amplitude were obtained using a FES profile with active/total pulse period of 200 us/1000 us and burst frequency of 3ms/14ms. The best results of mean amplitude were observed using a FES profile duty cycle of 10% for pulses (100 μs/1000 μs) and 15% for bursts (3 ms/20 ms). Conclusion: The FES profile (100 μs - 50 Hz) seems to be the most suitable for both groups, inasmuch as it presents smaller mean amplitudes and peak amplitudes similar to other FES profiles.
Rights: aberto
Identifier DOI: 10.4322/rbeb.2013.013
Date Issue: 2013
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