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Type: Capítulo de livro
Title: Meat Analogue Produced With Soy Protein Isolate And Vital Gluten By Thermoplastic Extrusion: Technological, Physicochemical And Nutritional Characteristics
Author: Schmiele M.
Clerici M.T.P.S.
Chang Y.K.
Abstract: The consumer interest in healthy foods has pronounced effects within the food industry. Concerning this segment, the demand for vegetal proteins sources has shown significant increase. In vegetarian diets, meat has been replaced by meat analogues, which are usually made from soy protein. The texturized meat analogue produced with soy protein isolate should provide appearance, texture and nutritional value similar to meat. However, soy proteins do not provide all essential amino acids, once they are deficient in sulphur amino acid, such as methionine and cysteine, which makes the product with a lower biological value protein than meat and meat products. To complement the amino acid profile of soybeans and improve the physicochemical and technological characteristics of meat analogue, the use of vital gluten has been proposed. In addition to following the trend of reducing additive used in foods, the soy protein isolate in combination with vital gluten can promote formation of fibrous texture and complement the essential amino acid balance, since vital gluten is deficient of lysine, which is the abundant amino acid in soybeans. In turn, it complements soybeans with sulfur amino acids. This chapter aims to present the production of meat analogues by using vegetable proteins from soybeans and wheat, as well as the chemical interactions that occur between the constituents during the extrusion process. In addition, this chapter will discuss the main technological properties and the protein value as a chemical score of the mixtures of gluten and soybean protein needed to produce meat analogues with amino acid profile in quantity and quality acceptable for replacement of meat in vegetarian diets. © 2013 Nova Science Publishers, Inc. All rights reserved.
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Date Issue: 2013
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