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Type: Capítulo de livro
Title: Food Supplementation With Vegetable Oils Rich In Oleic Acid: Health-promoting Effects And Application Viability
Author: Contesini F.J.
Ceresino E.B.
Castro R.J.S.
Barros F.F.C.
Sassaki E.
Sato H.H.
Abstract: The role of food in human health is broad due to its diverse functions. Many foodsmay be explored in different aspects, since they are not only important for basic nutrition,but also show interesting functional properties. Unsaturated oils are commonly used infood supplementation, taking into account that they are sources of fatty acids, such asoleic acid. The regular consumption of these foods is associated with healthy effects onthe human body, including reduction of coronary heart disease risk and beneficial effectson blood lipids, including reduction of total and LDL-cholesterol, triglycerides andincrease of HDL-cholesterol in blood. The substitution of saturated for unsaturated fattyacids, as well as the supplementation with vegetable oils rich in oleic acid have been usedin food technology as a strategy of food production, with improvement in functional andsensory characteristics. Milk is an example of these substitutions, widely applied in thefood industry. Various research studies have shown that the consumption of milkenriched with oleic acid promoted a myriad of positive effects in healthy volunteers,subjects with increased risk factors and cardiovascular patients. The effects ofsupplementation with oleic acid in different types of salami and other products of animalorigin have also been reported. Wheat breads supplemented with oleic-rich sunflowerseed were produced without any significant adverse effects regarding the crust color,crumb grain structure and uniformity. Oleic acid has also been used in edible coatingssuch as plasticizer and emulsifier, for example, to preserve the quality of cold-stored strawberries, carrots and other fresh products. They improve sample appearance andconfer significant property barriers. These are important sensory and technologicalcharacteristics that justify the process viability, besides the addition of high nutritionalvalue. Therefore, food supplementation with vegetable oils rich in oleic acid can be veryinteresting, and different studies about this topic are going to be reviewed in thismanuscript. © 2013 Nova Science Publishers, Inc. All rights reserved.
Editor: Nova Science Publishers, Inc.
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Date Issue: 2013
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