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dc.contributor.authorunicampFalcão, Alexandre Xavierpt_BR
dc.titleToward satellite-based land cover classification through optimum-path forestpt_BR
dc.contributor.authorPisani, Rodrigo Josépt_BR
dc.contributor.authorNakamura, Rodrigo Yuji Mizobept_BR
dc.contributor.authorRiedel, Paulina Settipt_BR
dc.contributor.authorZimback, Célia Regina Lopespt_BR
dc.contributor.authorFalcão, Alexandre Xavierpt_BR
dc.contributor.authorPapa, João Paulopt_BR
unicamp.authorFalcao, A.X., Institute of Computing, Unicamp-University of Campinas, 13083-859 Campinas, Brazilpt_BR, R.J., Institute of Geoscience and Exact Sciences, Unesp-Universidade Estadual Paulista, 13506-900 Rio-Claro, Brazilpt, R.Y.M., Department of Computer Science, Unesp-Universidade Estadual Paulista, 17040 Bauru, Brazilpt, P.S., Institute of Geoscience and Exact Sciences, Unesp-Universidade Estadual Paulista, 13506-900 Rio-Claro, Brazilpt, C.R.L., School of Agronomic Sciences, Unesp-Universidade Estadual Paulista, 18618-970 Botucatu, Brazilpt, J.P., Department of Computer Science, Unesp-Universidade Estadual Paulista, 17040 Bauru, Brazilpt
dc.subjectReconhecimento de padrõespt_BR
dc.subjectFloresta de caminhos ótimospt_BR
dc.subjectSensoriamento remotopt_BR
dc.subjectImagens de sensoriamento remotopt_BR
dc.subject.otherlanguagePattern recognitionpt_BR
dc.subject.otherlanguageOptimum-path forestpt_BR
dc.subject.otherlanguageRemote sensingpt_BR
dc.subject.otherlanguageRemote-sensing imagespt_BR
dc.description.abstractLand cover classification has been paramount in the last years. Since the amount of information acquired by satellite on-board imaging systems has increased, there is a need for automatic tools that can tackle such problem. Despite the fact that one can find several works in the literature, we propose a novel methodology for land cover classification by means of the optimum-path forest (OPF) framework, which has never been applied to this context up to date. Experiments were conducted in supervised and unsupervised situations against some state-of-the-art pattern recognition techniques, such as support vector machines, Bayesian classifier, k-means, and mean shift. We had shown that supervised OPF can outperform such approaches, being much faster than all. In regard to clustering techniques, all classifiers have achieved similar results. © 1980-2012 IEEE.en
dc.description.abstractLand cover classification has been paramount in the last years. Since the amount of information acquired by satellite on-board imaging systems has increased, there is a need for automatic tools that can tackle such problem. Despite the fact that one can fpt_BR
dc.relation.ispartofIEEE transactions on geoscience and remote sensingpt_BR
dc.relation.ispartofabbreviationIEEE trans. geosci. remote sens.pt_BR
dc.publisher.cityPiscataway, NJpt_BR
dc.publisher.countryEstados Unidospt_BR
dc.publisherInstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineerspt_BR
dc.identifier.citationIeee Transactions On Geoscience And Remote Sensing. Institute Of Electrical And Electronics Engineers Inc., v. 52, n. 10, p. 6075 - 6085, 2014.pt_BR
dc.description.sponsordocumentnumber2009/16206-1; 2010/11676-7pt_BR
dc.description.sponsordocumentnumber303182/2011-3; 303673/2010-9pt_BR
dc.description.sponsordocumentnumbersem informaçãopt_BR
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dc.description.referenceDainese, R.C., Remote sensing and geoprocessing applied to the temporary study of the landuse and in the comparison among unsupervised classification and visual analyses (2001) M.S. Thesis, State University of São Paulo School of Agronomic Sciences Botucatu, Brazilpt_BR
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dc.contributor.departmentDepartamento de Sistemas de Informaçãopt_BR
dc.contributor.unidadeInstituto de Computaçãopt_BR
dc.subject.keywordLand cover classificationpt_BR
dc.subject.keywordOptimum-path forestpt_BR
dc.subject.keywordRemote sensingpt_BR
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