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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Experimental Study Of Unconfined Surface Wave Discharges At Atmospheric Pressure By Optical Emission Spectroscopy
Author: Ridenti M.A.
Souza-Correa J.A.
Amorim J.
Abstract: A surface wave discharge (SWD) in argon at atmospheric pressure generated by a surfatron device was studied by optical emission spectroscopy (OES). Two distinct situations were investigated; (i) a discharge plasma in open air and (ii) a discharge plasma totally confined in a quartz tube. The electron density ne, electron temperature Te and gas temperature T g were investigated as a function of applied power and gas flow rate. The self-absorbing method was used to estimate the population of the metastable state Ar(1s5). These physical quantities were determined through optical measurements along the plasma axis of symmetry. The profile of the electron density presented a maximum value under certain conditions, in contrast with typical electron density profiles of SWDs which are usually monotonically decreasing. A correlation between the electron density and the metastable state Ar(1s5) was found in one of these cases, suggesting that stepwise ionization from metastable states and non-local kinetics play an important role on the unexpected increase in ionization degree along the discharge. © 2014 IOP Publishing Ltd.
Rights: fechado
Identifier DOI: 10.1088/0022-3727/47/4/045204
Date Issue: 2014
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