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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Microstructural Morphologies And Experimental Growth Laws During Solidification Of Monotectic And Hypermonotectic Al-pb Alloys
Author: Silva A.P.
Garcia A.
Spinelli J.E.
Abstract: Al-Pb alloys with monotectic and hypermonotectic compositions were directionally solidified under unsteady-state heat flow conditions. The cooling curves recorded during solidification allowed solidification thermal parameters such as the cooling rate (T⋙), growth rate (v) and thermal gradient (G) to be experimentally determined. Different microstructural patterns have been associated with the alloy solute content, i.e., Al-1.2 and 2.1wt% Pb. A sequence of morphologies from the bottom to the top of the Al-1.2wt% Pb alloy casting (monotectic) can be observed: Pb-rich droplets in the aluminum-rich matrix, followed by a region of microstructural transition formed by droplets and fibers and finally by a mixture of fibers and strings of pearls. A completely fibrous structure (without transition) has been observed along the entire Al-2.1wt% Pb alloy casting (hypermonotectic). The interphase spacing (λ) was measured along the casting length, and experimental correlations between λ and experimental solidification thermal parameters have been established. Power laws with a-2.2 exponent expressing λ as a function of the growth rate, v, were found to better represent the fibrous growth of both Al-Pb alloys. Moreover, a single experimental law expressing λ as a function of both G and v was found to describe the fibrous growth of both the monotectic and the hypermonotectic alloys experimentally examined. © 2013.
Editor: Chinese Society of Metals
Rights: fechado
Identifier DOI: 10.1016/j.jmst.2013.10.027
Date Issue: 2014
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