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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Morphology Of The Unusual Polyad In Amazonian Parkia Legume Trees
Author: Capucho L.C.
Teixeira S.P.
Abstract: Abstract: This study details the unusual morphology of polyads of three species of Parkia (P. multijuga Benth., P. ulei (Harms) Kuhlm., and P. pendula (Willd.) Benth. ex Walp.) and suggests functions for polyad adaptive traits that are linked to the reproductive success of the species. Polyads within the anthers of the three Parkia species were analysed by surface (scanning electron microscopy) and anatomical (light microscopy) studies. Ultrastructure and development studies were carried out for P. pendula polyads. Polyads are globose and cavitated, i.e., exhibit an internal cavity that varies in size, being more conspicuous in P. ulei and P. pendula. Other differences among species are related to the polyad size, exine ornamentation and the type of substances stored in the pollen grain. The polyad internal cavity is filled with an exudate that may be related to the pollen germination through the internal pores and/or translocation of substances from the anther loculus to the inside or vice versa. This inference is supported by the following observations: the spaces between the pollen grains in a polyad are also filled with the exudate, and the exudate inside the polyad is similar to the anther locular fluid. The morphology and substances stored within the pollen grains of Parkia polyads seem to be more related to polyad functionality and physiology than to the selective pressures exerted by different pollinators on the group.Key message: An unusual polyadoccursin threeParkiaspecies, named cavitate polyad. It has an internal central space full of lipoproteinsubstances, contacting all pollen grains, probably aiding pollen germination.
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Identifier DOI: 10.1007/s00468-014-1055-5
Date Issue: 2014
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