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Type: Patente
Title: Oral Compositions And Use Thereof
Author: Bowen William H [us]
Koo Hyun [us]
Park Yong Kun [br]
Cury Jaime Aparecido [br]
Rosalen Pedro Luiz [br]
Abstract: The present invention relates to an oral composition which includes an organoleptic ally suitable carrier and an amount of a terpenoid and a flavonoid, dispersed in the carrier, which is effective to prevent or treat dental caries, dental plaque formation, gingivitis, candidiasis, dental stomatitis, aphthous ulceration, or fungal infection. The invention also relates to various uses of oral compositions, containing a terpenoid, a flavonoid, or both, such uses include: inhibiting the accumulation of microorganisms on an oral surface; and/or treating or inhibiting aphthous ulcerations on an oral surface.
Rights: aberto
Date Issue: 20-Jun-2002
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