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Type: Patente
Title: Anti-ulcerogenic Activities Of Sesquiterpens And Polyacetylenes Of A Dichloromethanic Extract Of Bidens Alba L.
Author: Grombone Guaratini Maria Terez [br]
Hiruma Lima Celia Akiko [br]
Nisaka Solferini Vera [br]
Abstract: The present invention is in general related to phytotherapeutic compounds, mainly those that belong to the class of terpenes and acetylenes, present in a plant extract of the family Asteraceae, or specifically of the species Bidens alba, whose occurrence in Brazil was confirmed by phytochemical and genetic studies. Compounds present in the dichloromethanic extract of this plant show anti-ulcerogenic activity against gastric lesions induced by HCl/ethanol and pyroxican models. The extract was able to inhibit formation of gastric ulcers by acting simultaneously preventing the generation, or the necrosis action of mediators on the gastric microvascularization and the endogenous production of prostaglandin.
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Date Issue: 27-Oct-2005
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