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Type: Patente
Title: Polymeric Nanospheres Coated With Chitosan Folate And Use Of The Same
Author: Pessine Francisco Benedito Teixeira [br]
Calderini Adriana [br]
Abstract: A presente invenção descreve nanopaniculas de paredes poliméricas como sistema carreador recoberto por folato de quitosana contendo um quimioterápico, com maior direcionamento aos locais de ação, bioadesividade, biocompatibilidade e menor toxicidade. Dessa forma, o objeto da presente invenção pode ser de grande interesse para sistemas de liberação sustentada de farmacos no tralamento de tumores sólidos, por via oral, intravenosa ou tópica
The present invention describes nanoparticles with polymer walls as a carrier system coated with chitosan folate and containing a chemotherapeutic drug, with improved targeting of action sites, bioadhesion and biocompatibility, and less toxicity. The subject matter of the present invention can therefore be of great interest in sustained drug release systems used in the treatment of solid tumours orally, intravenously or topically.
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Date Issue: 30-May-2013
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