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Type: Patente
Title: Aluminum Phosphate, Polyphosphate, And Metaphosphate Particles And Their Use As Pigments In Paints And Method Of Making Same
Author: Galembeck Fernando [br]
De Brito Joaeo [br]
Abstract: An aluminum phosphate composition comprising aluminum phosphate, aluminum polyphosphate, aluminum metaphosphate, or a mixture thereof The composition may be characterized by, when in powder form, having particles wherein some of the particles have at least one or more voids per particle. In addition, the composition is characterized by exhibiting two endothermic peaks in Differential Scanning Calorimetry between about 90 degrees to about 250 degrees Celsius. The composition is also characterized by, when in powder form, having a dispersibility of at least 0.025 grams per 1.0 gram of water. The composition is made by a process comprising contacting phosphoric acid with aluminum sulfate and an alkaline solution to produce an aluminum phosphate based product; and optionally calcining the aluminum phosphate, polyphosphate or metaphosphate based product at an elevated temperature. The composition is useful in paints and as a substitute for titanium dioxide.
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Date Issue: 18-Nov-2010
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