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Type: Patente
Title: Set Of Prefabricated And Flexible Dental Arches With Adjustable Teeth, Dental Arches Kit, Denture Construction Process And Method Of Application Of Said Arches In The Denture Construction Process
Author: De Souza Fonseca Silva Almenara[br]
Trochmann Jose Luiz Lino[br]
Peres Leila[br]
Innocentini Mei Lucia Helena[br]
Consani Simonides[br]
Abstract: The present invention discloses a set of dental arches comprising: an upper arch (1) formed by upper anterior (2) and posterior (3) artificial teeth and another lower arch (5) formed by lower anterior (6) and posterior (7) artificial teeth mounted in an orderly fashion on flexible bases (4) and (8) constructed of elastomeric resin in the form of an arch, having a three-dimensional movement capacity to enable adaptation to the anatomy and physiology of edentulous patients; the base material also allows the adjustment of each tooth individually, through changes of position, inclination or alignment, in a simple manner, thus producing custom prosthodontics; its use in the confection processes of removable complete and partial dentures saves time, labor and cost compared to traditional methods.
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Date Issue: 17-Sep-2009
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