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Type: Patente
Title: Process Of Confection Of Polyamide Compounds With Natural Fibers And Compounds Of Polyamides With Natural Fibers
Author: De Paoli Marco Aurelio [br]
Godoi Fermoselli Karen Kely[br]
Da Silva Spinace Marcia Aparec[br]
Dos Santos Paulo Aparecido[br]
Girioli Joao Carlos[br]
Abstract: The present invention relates to a process of production of polyamide compounds with natural fibers and polyamide compounds with natural fibers, establishes the fact of using natural fiber to obtain a compound with mechanical properties dose to the one obtained with inorganic loads by means of continuous process with extrusion and molding by injection process; the processes presented allows the obtainment, by means of injection, of finished products with precise dimensional and complex features; the fact that the compound with natural Curare fiber presenting suitable mechanical properties combined to a lesser density than the compound with inorganic load is interesting to the automotive industry as vehicles manufactured with lighter parts consume less fuel.
Rights: aberto
Date Issue: 2-Jul-2009
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