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Type: Patente
Title: Method For Producing Silver Nanoparticles
Author: Caballero Nelson Eduardo Duran [br]
Alves Oswaldo Luiz [br]
Esposito Elisa [br]
De Souza Gabriel Inacio De Mor [br]
Gaspari Priscyla Daniely Marca [br]
Abstract: The present invention refers to the production of silver nanoparticles by biosynthetic means using extracellular extract of fungus having nitrate reductase activity and the presence of anthraquinone derivatives. The fungus that are the subject matter of the patent include Fusarium, Piriformospora sp., Pisolithus sp, Streptomyces sp, Penicillium sp., Neurospora sp, Aspergillus sp, among others. The nanoparticles obtained from these extracts, in the absence of fungus, have a proteinic protection that stabilizes the colloidal suspension and allows greater bonding to the fabric, providing significant biocide effectiveness. The method of bonding the silver nanoparticles is cyclical, and the silver nanoparticles are reused to impregnate other fabrics. In the washing process, the few particles released into the water are treated with biomass of Chromobacterium violaceum that act by way of bioabsorption of the silver nanoparticles, completely eliminating contamination of the effluent.
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Date Issue: 27-Mar-2008
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