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Type: Patente
Title: A System For Diagnosing Intestinal Parasites By Computerized Image Analysis
Author: Falcao Alexandre Xavier [br]
Suzuki Celso Tetsuo Nagase [br]
Gomes Jancarlo Ferreira [br]
Papa Joao Paulo [br]
Shimizu Sumie Hoshino [br]
Dias Luiz Candido De Souza [br]
Abstract: This present invention discloses a system for diagnosing intestinal parasites in humans and animals by computerized analysis of microscopic images obtained from fecal samples. The system uses commercially available equipment, a suitable parasitological kit, and computer and parasitological techniques especially developed to solve the problem. The advantages of the system proposed in relation to procedures currently adopted in clinical analysis laboratories are: greater productivity; greater diagnostic sensitivity; lower manpower expenses; reduction of utensils and physical space in the parasitology laboratory, speed, practicality and diagnostic security; decreased risk of contact and contamination for laboratory technician; disposal of analyzed material into a recipient suitable for toxic material, in accordance with biosafety regulations; innovation in delivery of results through images; restoration of credibility in diagnosing intestinal parasitoses by medical class, avoiding the empirical, indiscriminate and ineffective use of drugs.
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Date Issue: 5-Jun-2008
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