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Type: Patente
Title: Process To Obtain An Intercalated Or Exfoliated Polyester With Clay Hybrid Nanocomposite Material
Author: Galembeck Fernando [br]
Souza Maria De Fatima Brito [br]
Abstract: Process to obtain an intercalated or exfoliated polyester with clay hybrid nanocomposite material. The present process refers to obtaining nanocomposites (C) containing intercalated and exfoliated lamellar materials, by inserting polyethylene terephthalate (PET) oligomers (B) between the lamellas of a phyllosilicate (A), without using additional reagents and/or solvents, through shearing of the phyllosilicate and oligomer mixture, in solid state. Herein, the phyllosilicate does not need to have been submitted to any previous wetting process. The invention refers to the obtention of a nanocomposite from a melted polymeric matrix (D), wherein a oligomer/clay composite concentrate, prepared through shearing, is diluted, thereby producing a nanocomposite polymer/ lamellar silicate PLSN (E), prepared through the growth of the grafted oligomer chains, a solid post-condensation process of the oligomer in the oligomer/clay composite. These materials are utilized to prepare specific articles for several applications, such as bottles and packaging in genera
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Date Issue: 7-Apr-2005
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