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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Leaf habit does not predict leaf functional traits in cerrado woody species
Author: Cianciaruso, MV
Silva, IA
Manica, LT
Souza, JP
Abstract: Plant species with a high leaf life span (LLS) commonly have a low specific leaf area (SLA), leaf nitrogen per unit mass (N), and phosphorous concentration (P), whereas species with low LLS have a high SLA, N and P. However, LLS tends to be longer in species growing in low-nutrient soils and, therefore, differences in LLS and other leaf traits may not be consistent with a plant classification according to leaf habit. Here we investigated whether leaf habit is consistent with leaf economic spectrum trade-offs in cerrado (a Neotropical savanna) woody species. We analyzed the SLA, N and P of 125 woody species with a distinct leaf habit (deciduous, semideciduous, brevideciduous or evergreen). We also gathered data on the LLS (33 species), maximum net photosynthesis per leaf area (A(area), 56 species) and per leaf mass (A(mass), 31 species), comprising the most extensive database analyzed so far for the cerrado. Differences among leaf habit groups were tested using generalized linear mixed models and ANOVA. We did not find differences in SLA and N among species with a distinct leaf habit, but deciduous species had a higher leaf P concentration than evergreens. Species did not differ in LLS and A(mass), but A(area) varied among groups. Semideciduous species had higher A(area) values than deciduous and brevideciduous species, but all other groups had similar A(area) values. Because of the small difference in the LLS, SLA, leaf N, leaf P and maximum net photosynthesis, we argue that deciduous, brevideciduous, semideciduous and evergreen species may not constitute different functional groups in cerrado woody species.
Subject: Cerrado
Leaf life span
Specific leaf area
Country: Alemanha
Editor: Elsevier Gmbh, Urban & Fischer Verlag
Rights: fechado
Identifier DOI: 10.1016/j.baae.2013.05.002
Date Issue: 2013
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