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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Direct measurement of backgrounds using reactor-off data in Double Chooz
Author: Abe, Y
Aberle, C
dos Anjos, JC
Barriere, JC
Bergevin, M
Bernstein, A
Bezerra, TJC
Bezrukhov, L
Blucher, E
Bowden, NS
Buck, C
Busenitz, J
Cabrera, A
Caden, E
Camilleri, L
Carr, R
Cerrada, M
Chang, PJ
Chimenti, P
Classen, T
Collin, AP
Conover, E
Conrad, JM
Crespo-Anadon, JI
Crum, K
Cucoanes, A
D'Agostino, MV
Damon, E
Dawson, JV
Dazeley, S
Dietrich, D
Djurcic, Z
Dracos, M
Durand, V
Ebert, J
Efremenko, Y
Elnimr, M
Erickson, A
Etenko, A
Fallot, M
Fechner, M
von Feilitzsch, F
Felde, J
Fernandes, SM
Fischer, V
Franco, D
Franke, AJ
Franke, M
Furuta, H
Gama, R
Gil-Botella, I
Giot, L
Goger-Neff, M
Gonzalez, LFG
Goodenough, L
Goodman, MC
Goon, JTM
Greiner, D
Haag, N
Habib, S
Hagner, C
Hara, T
Hartmann, FX
Haser, J
Hatzikoutelis, A
Hayakawa, T
Hofmann, M
Horton-Smith, GA
Hourlier, A
Ishitsuka, M
Jochum, J
Jollet, C
Jones, CL
Kaether, F
Kalousis, LN
Kamyshkov, Y
Kaplan, DM
Kawasaki, T
Keefer, G
Kemp, E
de Kerret, H
Kibe, Y
Konno, T
Kryn, D
Kuze, M
Lachenmaier, T
Lane, CE
Langbrandtner, C
Lasserre, T
Letourneau, A
Lhuillier, D
Lima, HP
Lindner, M
Lopez-Castano, JM
LoSecco, JM
Lubsandorzhiev, BK
Lucht, S
McKee, D
Maeda, J
Maesano, CN
Mariani, C
Maricic, J
Martino, J
Matsubara, T
Mention, G
Meregaglia, A
Meyer, M
Miletic, T
Milincic, R
Miyata, H
Mueller, TA
Nagasaka, Y
Nakajima, K
Novella, P
Obolensky, M
Oberauer, L
Onillon, A
Osborn, A
Ostrovskiy, I
Palomares, C
Pepe, IM
Perasso, S
Perrin, P
Pfahler, P
Porta, A
Potzel, W
Pronost, G
Reichenbacher, J
Reinhold, B
Remoto, A
Rohling, M
Roncin, R
Roth, S
Rybolt, B
Sakamoto, Y
Santorelli, R
Sato, F
Schonert, S
Schoppmann, S
Schwetz, T
Shaevitz, MH
Shimojima, S
Shrestha, D
Sida, JL
Sinev, V
Skorokhvatov, M
Smith, E
Spitz, J
Stahl, A
Stancu, I
Stokes, LFF
Strait, M
Stuken, A
Suekane, F
Sukhotin, S
Sumiyoshi, T
Sun, Y
Svoboda, R
Terao, K
Tonazzo, A
Toups, M
Thi, HHT
Valdiviesso, G
Veyssiere, C
Wagner, S
Watanabe, H
White, B
Wiebusch, C
Winslow, L
Worcester, M
Wurm, M
Yermia, F
Zimmer, V
Abstract: Double Chooz is unique among modern reactor-based neutrino experiments studying (nu) over bar (e) disappearance in that data can be collected with all reactors off. In this paper, we present data from 7.53 days of reactor-off running. Applying the same selection criteria as used in the Double Chooz reactor-on oscillation analysis, a measured background rate of 1.0 +/- 0.4 events/day is obtained. The background model for accidentals, cosmogenic beta-n-emitting isotopes, fast neutrons from cosmic muons, and stopped-mu decays used in the oscillation analysis is demonstrated to be correct within the uncertainties. Kinematic distributions of the events, which are dominantly cosmic-ray-produced correlated-background events, are provided. The background rates are scaled to the shielding depths of two other reactor-based oscillation experiments, Daya Bay and RENO. DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevD.87.011102
Country: EUA
Editor: Amer Physical Soc
Citation: Physical Review D. Amer Physical Soc, v. 87, n. 1, 2013.
Rights: aberto
Identifier DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevD.87.011102
Date Issue: 2013
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