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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Description and ecology of a new species of sun spider (Arachnida : Solifugae) from the Brazilian Cerrado
Author: Martins, EG
Bonato, V
Machado, G
Pinto-da-Rocha, R
Rocha, LS
Abstract: A new species of solifuge from Sao Paulo State, south-eastern Brazil, is described, together with its phenology, habitat use, activity pattern and the effect of fire on the population. Mummucia coaraciandu n. sp. differs from other Mummuciidae in cheliceral dentition and pleurite coloration. Over a one-year period, 649 individuals of M. coaraciandu were captured in 72 pitfall traps distributed in three Cerrado physiognomies: borders of gallery forest (N = 53), campo sujo (N = 561) and campo cerrado (N = 35). The species is diurnal and showed two peaks of surface activity during the year: the highest peak occurred in the cold - dry season ( June to July) and the smaller peak in the middle of the warm - wet season ( December to February). The number of individuals per trap was negatively correlated with the mean monthly temperature, but showed no correlation with the monthly precipitation. The sex ratio was male-biased ( 7: 1) and the number of males trapped was positively correlated with the number of reproductive females. More individuals were trapped in burned areas when compared with unburned areas 1 month after the fire. This difference between the two areas was not observed 1 month before and 3 - 4 months after the passage of the fire ( when the vegetation had recovered). Mummucia coaraciandu is the second solifuge described from the Brazilian Cerrado and its ecology is very similar to that of Mummucia mauryi from Caatinga vegetation.
Subject: activity pattern
campo cerrado
campo sujo
gallery forest
habitat use
population ecology
Country: Inglaterra
Editor: Taylor & Francis Ltd
Citation: Journal Of Natural History. Taylor & Francis Ltd, v. 38, n. 18, n. 2361, n. 2375, 2004.
Rights: fechado
Identifier DOI: 10.1080/00222930310001647343
Date Issue: 2004
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