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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Anatomical variations in primary teeth microelements with known differences in lead content by micro-Synchrotron Radiation X-Ray Fluorescence (mu-SRXRF) - A preliminary study
Author: de Souza-Guerra, C
Barroso, RC
de Almeida, AP
Peixoto, ITA
Moreira, S
de Sousa, FB
Gerlach, RF
Abstract: Shed teeth have been proposed as trace element biomarkers. This study determined variations in the spatial distribution of Ca, K, Zn, Pb, Mn, Cu, and Sr in four anatomical locations: superficial enamel (SE, 0-10 mu m), subsuperficial enamel (SSE, 10-30 mu m), primary dentin (PD), and secondary dentin (SD). Five primary incisors were analyzed by micro Synchrotron Radiation X-Ray Fluorescence (mu-SRXRF). Two teeth had low concentrations of lead in the SE (<250 mu g/g), while three contained very high lead concentrations in the SE (>2000 mu g/g). Teeth were sliced, and five spot measurements (20 mu m beam diameter) were accomplished in each location. The data are shown as absolute values and as the ratio between the different elements and Ca. The distribution of K was close to that of Ca. Zn was the third most abundant element, with the highest levels being found in the SE and SD and low levels detected in the PD. Increasing Sr levels were found progressing from the enamel to the dentin, with the highest levels being found in the SD, a distribution that was unique. Pb, Mn, and Cu exhibited a similar trend, with higher signals for these elements detected in the SE. This study provides preliminary data on the heterogeneous distribution of different elements in the tooth, highlighting the importance of the first 10 mu m of the SE for determination of some elements, such as Zn, Pb, Mn, and Cu. (C) 2014 Elsevier GmbH. All rights reserved.
Subject: mu-SRXRF
Primary teeth
Country: Alemanha
Editor: Elsevier Gmbh, Urban & Fischer Verlag
Citation: Journal Of Trace Elements In Medicine And Biology. Elsevier Gmbh, Urban & Fischer Verlag, v. 28, n. 2, n. 186, n. 193, 2014.
Rights: fechado
Identifier DOI: 10.1016/j.jtemb.2014.01.007
Date Issue: 2014
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