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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Amelogenin- and enamelysin (Mmp-20)-deficient mice display altered birefringence in the secretory-stage enamel organic extracellular matrix
Author: Santo, ARE
Bartlett, JD
Gibson, CW
Li, Y
Kulkarni, AB
Line, SRP
Abstract: Dental enamel is the most mineralized tissue of vertebrate organisms. Enamel biosynthesis is initiated by the secretion, processing, and self-assembly of a complex mixture of proteins. The formation of an ordered enamel organic extracellular matrix (ECM) seems be a crucial step for the proper formation of mineral phase. Polarizing microscopy demonstrates that the ordered supramolecular structure of the secretory-stage enamel organic ECM is strongly birefringent. In the present work we analyzed the birefringence of secretory-stage enamel organic ECM in amelogenin (Amelx)- and enamelysin (Mmp20)-deficient mice. Female Amelx(+/-) animals showed significant reduction in optical retardation values when compared with the Amelx(+/+) subgroup (p = 0.0029). The secretory-stage enamel organic ECM of the Amelx(-/-) subgroup did not exhibit birefringence. The secretory-stage enamel organic ECM of Mmp20(-/-) mice showed a significant decrease in optical retardation as compared with Mmp20(+/+) and Mmp20(+/-) mice (p = 0.0000). Minp20(+/-) and Mmp20(+/+) mice exhibited similar birefringence (p = 1.0000). The results presented here support growing evidence for the idea that the birefringence of secretory-stage enamel organic ECM is influenced by the ordered supramolecular organization of its components.
Subject: amelogenin
enamel organic extracellutar matrix
Country: Inglaterra
Editor: Informa Healthcare
Rights: fechado
Identifier DOI: 10.1080/03008200601059175
Date Issue: 2007
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