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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Tribal and intergeneric relationships of Mesechiteae (Apocynoideae, Apocynaceae): Evidence from three noncoding plastid DNA regions and morphology
Author: Simoes, AO
Endress, ME
Van der Niet, T
Kinoshita, LS
Conti, E
Abstract: The Neotropical tribe Mesechiteae (Apocynaceae) is currently considered to include nine genera: Allomarkgrafia, Galactophora, Macrosiphonia, Mandevilla, Mesechites, Quiotania, Secondatia, Telosiphonia, and Tintinnabularia. Tribal and intergeneric relationships, however, are in dispute. To test the monophyly of the tribe and evaluate intratribal relationships, a maximum parsimony analysis was conducted based on DNA sequences from the plastid rpl16 intron, rps16 intron, and trnS-G intergenic spacer region as well as morphological data for 23 taxa of Mesechiteae and I I taxa from other tribes of Apocynoideae. Mesechiteae, as currently circumscribed, was found to be polyphyletic. Only removal of Secondatia and Galactophora and inclusion of Forsteronia rendered the tribe monophyletic. Thus defined, Mesechiteae forms a strongly supported clade including seven genera in three subclades: the Mesechites subclade (comprising Tintinnabularia, Allomarkgrafia, and Mesechites), the Forsteronia subclade (containing only Forsteronia) and the Mandevilla subclade (comprising Macrosiphonia, Mandevilla, and Telosiphonia). Allomarkgrafia is nested in Mesechites. Macrosiphonia and Telosiphonia form two distinct monophyletic clades. Both, however, are nested in Mandevilla. Results suggest upholding the following genera in Mesechiteae: Allomarkgrafia, Forsteronia, Mandevilla, Mesechites, and Tintinnabularia. The status of Quiotania could not be evaluated.
Subject: Apocynaceae
phylogenetic systematics
Country: EUA
Editor: Botanical Soc Amer Inc
Citation: American Journal Of Botany. Botanical Soc Amer Inc, v. 91, n. 9, n. 1409, n. 1418, 2004.
Rights: fechado
Identifier DOI: 10.3732/ajb.91.9.1409
Date Issue: 2004
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